Tails from the Trail

We may be Fish but we are the only ones that are Fishy!

By Gary Piper

One morning I was minding my own business and while off my bike for a few minutes so I could rest my hind quarters (better known as my butt) I wandered near the water and noticed some fish darting around. When I took a closer look I noticed the fish were chasing each other.

That’s when I noticed one of the fish would always return to a hollow spot on the bottom of the pond then when another fish approached it would chase it away then return to its hollow spot until another fish came along. I’ve included a picture of the scene so you can see what I was seeing. As I stood watching I found myself wondering why a fish would hollow out a spot and then not spend any time in it because they were out of it as much as the invading fish was in it.

Then it happened!

I wasn’t ready for it!

I never expected it!

Never in thousand years would I have believed had it not happened to me!

You could have knocked me over with a feather!

Suddenly, “What are you looking at?”

Immediately I done a 360 to see who was talking to me but I was alone. Because I am a Christian and I was headed to spend some quality time with God I instinctively looked up thinking maybe the he had spoken to me. While completely bewildered by a voice from no where all of a sudden from the direction of the pond, “Hey, human I’m down here in the water. What are you looking at anyway? You think you’re better than us fish or something?”

I looked down into the water and found myself staring at a big fish looking right back at me. “Didn’t think a fish could talk did you?” it said.

Feeling like an idiot for answering a fish I replied, “Fish can’t talk.”

“So who’s talking to you then?”

“Not you because fish can’t talk like humans,” I replied.

“Here’s something for you to think about human. Maybe humans think themselves so important they just don’t take the time to listen to us fish. That ever occurred to you? What’s your name anyway, human?”

At first I wanted to get back on my bike and pedal as fast as I could after all a talking fish! It was beginning to sound like that movie where Don Knotts was turned into a fish. Turning to climb back on my bike, “That’s it run away you humans sure are a sorry lot.”

“We’re a sorry lot! We’re a sorry lot! I’ve been standing here for nearly 5 minutes and all I’ve seen you do is chase other fish away from what ever you call the place where you are.” Suddenly it dawned on me again I was talking to a fish. “I’ve gotta get out of here this can’t be happening.”

“Listen who ever you are I can’t believe this any more than you can but it is happening so why don’t you and I just calmly visit for a while maybe you can learn something from me. In my world I am called Red what are you called in your world?”

It took me several seconds to come to the point where I began believing that this was really happening so after looking back and forth on the trail to make sure no one was around while I talked to a fish. “My name is Gary,” I replied, “and I have my doubts about how much I can learn from a fish.”

“I am glad to meet you Gary. In my world there are stories where at one time you humans came from a fish that somehow found himself on land and slowly began to mutate into a human. It could have happened the way the stories say but I doubt it we fish are much more intelligent than you humans.”

“Hey! Wait a minute,” I interrupted, “what do you mean you fish are more intelligent that us humans?”

Once again I looked around to make sure I was still alone. The only company we had was the swan family about one hundred feet away. As I paused to look at them one to the adult swans looked right at me. “I wonder if he or she wants to get in on the conversation,” I muttered to myself.

“After taking a good look at you, Gary I realize that your brain is humungous compared to ours and whether or not you mutated from a fish we all have the same Creator.”

“You fish know God?”

“God, who is God?”

“That’s who the Creator is, God,” I replied.

“We have never heard of the Creator being called God, but if you say that’s who the Creator is I’ll go along with that. But what I meant when I said that we are much more intelligent is that we fish use 100% of our capacity as fish to be a fish can you humans say you use 100% of your capacity to be human?”

My mind was racing faster than a New York minute. Anyone know how many seconds are in a New York minute? Was this really a fish I was talking to? How could it possibly be a fish making statements and asking questions as profound as those were?

“What’s the matter, Gary can’t give me a good answer?” the fish asked.

“You’ve a lot to learn about humans, Red. First of all I can use 100% of my capacity to be human but I choose not to use all of it in fact there are times when I’d just as soon use none of it……”

“You mean you don’t use 100% of your capacity to be human?” the fish interrupted me.

“That’s exactly what I mean. Remember what I asked you earlier about chasing other fish away from your nest or whatever you call it?”

“Yeah, I remember. We fish may swim in schools but when it comes to our nests we don’t share at all. If I didn’t do that I wouldn’t be using 100% of my capacity as a fish now would I? But getting back to you what you’re telling me is you choose not to use 100% of your capacity at all?”

“Wow! For a fish you’re getting pretty smart. God, I mean the Creator created humans first with the capacity to be like the Creator but we humans find it pretty hard to be like the Creator and find it much easier to be ourselves, or as you put we use 100% of our capacity to be human. But the Creator still wants us to be like him and I am doing my utmost best to be like the Creator so I guess you can say that makes me less than human. Does that make sense to you?”


“I didn’t think it would but I’m afraid I can’t make it any simpler than that. I guess that’s why I am a human and why you are a fish.”

“Say what?”

“Let’s see if I can say it in another way. We humans have the capacity to know the Creator and become like the Creator all you fish can do is know that someone or something created you. You’ll always be a fish swimming with and rejecting others.”

“Are you trying to make a fool of me?”

“No, you’re doing a pretty good job of that all by yourself. Let’s see if I can figure out a different way. There are some humans that will if given a chance come along and dump a bunch of stuff in your habitat to kill all forms of life including every fish. You could call those humans 100 percent humans. And there are those of us who are less than 100 percent humans who will not allow that to happen and who will go even beyond that and protect your right to a beautiful home where you can swim with other fish and then chase them after later.”

“I am not sure about all that other Creator stuff and less than 100 percent human stuff but I can sure understand protecting my home because that’s what I do. If you protect my home who protects your home, Gary?”

“Like you, Red I have many less than 100 percent humans protecting me, my family, and my home plus like you I also get protection from the Creator God as well. I am really looking forward to the day when all humans will turn away from their humanity and become who the Creator has created them to be,” I replied.

“What is this word peace, Gary?”

“I am not sure I can tell you exactly what peace is because what I say make not make any sense to a fish but I’ll try. Let me see…”

“…I know. Peace is that feeling you feel deep inside when you are swimming through the water surrounded by other fish just like you. Does that help.”

After several seconds, “It sure does when I am swimming with other fish I feel like I belong and that makes me feel good and I feel safe. And just like you I am having trouble describing it so you’ll understand how I feel. But one thing I know peace for me is knowing I am a fish.”

“You know, Red the Creator tells us humans that the day will come when all living things on earth will live in perfect harmony. That means the animals, fish, birds, insects, humans, and plants will live together in perfect harmony. We humans call it Shalom.”

“You mean to tell me the day will come when I won’t be chasing other fish away from my home? That means I won’t be a fish any more! I hope that day never comes! I like being a fish.”

“You know, Red there are many humans who think just like you but unfortunately the Creator will do what it is he plans to do when he plans to do it and neither animal, fish, bird, insect, human, or plant will stand in his way. But I can promise you when it does happen you’ll still be a fish.”

“Gary, I hope your right! But right now I hear others coming so I’ve got to get ready to protect my home. Maybe we can talk again sometime.”

Then suddenly Red was gone…


About Crusty the Christian

I am a Christian writer. I write Devotionals and I write Christian fictional stories of Jesus Christ. My books can be found on www.lulu.com/gpiper.
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