A Fly Named Sigmond and KC a Christmas Miracle

Christmas a season of miralces

Written by Gary Piper


Christmas is a magical time of year but the magic cannot be attributed to someone pulling miracles out of a black hat. The magic of Christmas and its miracles are attributed to the birth of a small newborn infant named Jesus who lived and died yet when he returned to his Father in Heaven he gave us the greatest gift we’ll ever get he gave us the Gift of the Holy Spirit that gives life to the Christmas Spirit on Christmas Day but the other 364 days of the year. The story you are about to read while a product of my imagination illustrates through the life of a housefly and a small boy how far God will go to illustrate his love. It is also a story of how everything and everyone come under his Lordship.

As houseflies go Sigmond was no different from any other housefly other than he had an uncanny liking for people. But one thing is for sure Sigmond was not your common housefly. He didn’t want to be a pest he just liked to be around people in face it really bothered him that someone would always take a swat at him because he thought himself to be such a likable fly. "I’m not the most beautiful creature in the world, but I’m not the ugliest either," he would always say to himself.

But it was always the same Sigmond would buzz around someone. He’d land then hear a swooshing sound see a shadow then fly just in time to hear a slapping noise. And he’d then fly away breathing a sigh of relief in search of a new house hoping the next one would bring a friend. More than anything Sigmond wanted someone to be his friend and a safe place from all his enemies.

Such was Sigmond’s life until one fateful day as he went in search of a new home he spotted an open window. As he headed for the window, he noticed the sun disappear instantly he knew he was in danger. All shadows meant trouble and one word flashed into his tiny mind, predator and he knew the open window meant safety. So in spite of the fatigue and the pain in his wings he flew as fast as he could. Just before flying through the window, he felt the sun warm his wings and he knew he was safe. Landing just inside the window he felt very tired and very relieved. Looking outside he noticed a Blue Jay sitting in a tree close by waiting for Sigmond to return to the outdoors. Sigmond was not going to put himself in harms way he was way too smart for that. Turning from the danger outside he began to survey his surroundings.

Little did Sigmond know that he was about to take center stage in events that would change history. Not history of earth shattering proportion but the history of a small family coping with the tragic events that sought to destroy it. Sigmond the uncommon-common housefly was about to become a giant in the hands of his creator.

Sigmond noticed right away that the room was dimly lit in fact the only light in the room was the light coming in the window through the trees. His eyes began scanning the room for dangers. On the opposite wall, he spotted a strange looking bed with a small human child in it. Sigmond began moving his wings so he could investigate this small human better but for some reason his wings wouldn’t work. He had worked them so hard that now it was if they seemed paralyzed. Then he limped off to find a safe place to rest.

You are no doubt now getting a little idea on just how uncommon Sigmond really is. There are as many mysteries as there are stars in the heavens and somewhere beyond time and space was Sigmond’s miracle. Later that day Sigmond awoke to the sound of approaching voices. He tried his wings feeling them strengthened again he flew for a closer look. "Come in Pastor Robins," he heard a human woman’s voice saying. The door opened and two humans walked into the room.

The room filled with light as the human woman touched the switch. In the bed the small human boy child was still sleeping. Sigmond wasn’t real sure but he looked about ten or eleven years old. "He’s all I got left in the world Pastor, I’ve lost my husband, and now I’m losing my son. Why does God torture me this way? KC has been in that coma now for almost a year. When it going to end for us?"

"Merry Christmas Mary," Bill Robins said interrupting her, "I just don’t have any answers for you I wish I did but everything is for a purpose. I know that God loves you, I know that God loves KC, and I know that somewhere in all this his will is unfolding. You must not give up hope people are praying for a miracle and Christmas is a time for miracles. Please give God your doubt and let him turn it into faith."

About a year ago just before Christmas Mary had to go to Saginaw to take care of her mother who had just come home from having hip replacement surgery it would be the first Christmas that Mary, Bob, and KC would be apart. So Bob decided that he and KC would travel the 300 miles northward so the family would be together. It was to be a surprise. It proved to be a tragedy. While traveling northward on Interstate 75 a speeding car whose driver had to much to drink cut Bob off causing him to loose control of his car. The drunk driver stopped long enough to see Bob’s car slamming into an overpass support. Bob died instantly, KC was pinned in the car, and only the coma remained of his injuries. No one knew why he was still in the coma, no one except God that is. Eventually the drunk driver was caught and jailed. After being released on bail and awaiting trial another drunk driver slammed into his car and killed him. Right or wrong, members of the Bob’s family thanked God for the justice.

It seemed as if it was a life time ago but it was only last year and each time the telephone rang during the night Mary relived that terrible night. Many people had been there for her over the past year but it wasn’t them same. Only when she would sit and hold KC’s hand and feel it’s warmth and feel his pulse would her pain ease and then only temporarily. She would sit by the hour and talk to him somehow; she knew he could hear her. Lately she sang Christmas songs to him, but after awhile she stopped because it made her heart ache too much.

"Get real Bill," she answered back, "How many times do I have to tell you God doesn’t love me? I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge but I have tried and tried figure to out what I am doing wrong to keep God from giving KC back to me. Repeatedly I ask KC if he could ask God to tell me what I’m doing wrong, but he doesn’t answer me either. I just wish Christmas would go away, I wish it were me who had died instead of Bob." By this time, the tears were flowing freely.

"Mary I am getting real, God does love you. I know without a doubt that he wants the best for you and in some mysterious way; he is giving you his best. God is a God of miracles," Pastor William Robbins said fighting the tears as well. "I hate to leave you this way but I have another appointment in 10 minutes, may I say a prayer?"

"Don’t worry about leaving me like this I’ll be all right. Go ahead and pray if it helps you, but don’t do it for me because if you do God is sure not to answer it," Mary replied bitterly.

"God, in the name of your Son Jesus we come to you in prayer asking for a Heavenly Father’s blessing for Mary and a Heavenly Father’s healing for KC. I know Lord that we are tempted to ask why when tragic situations such as this happen. Help us to fight the temptation to become angry because we know that it will come between us. We affirm that both Mary and KC are under the wings of your Spirit, we also affirm that in your time the Spirit will bless them as only it can. I pray that you would give power to the prayers of those that are also praying for them. Be with all of us Father, and bless us one and all, Amen. Remember Mary Christmas is a time of miracles. Don’t worry you stay here I’ll see myself out," the pastor said as he headed for the door.

Suddenly it became so still in the room it seemed as if all life had ceased to exist. It was so quiet Sigmond could hear the tears falling from KC’s mother and hitting her ailing son’s cheek. She reached down and dried them with her hand. Sigmond found his wings moving and he began flying in KC’s direction. The next thing Sigmond realized was that he was on KC’s cheek. That is when KC’s mom noticed the uncommon-common fly. She then tried everything she could think of to get Sigmond to fly but he just wouldn’t fly. Little did she realize was he couldn’t fly away some mysterious force was holding him there. Something or someone wanted him there.

"Leave my son alone," Mary, shouted, "take your germs somewhere else."

Then she made ready to swat the fly and get rid of it once and for all. But still Sigmond could not move. Then he saw it, the shadow and he knew that it meant certain death. Still he could not move. He could feel the air begin to move as the hand came closer and closer. He closed all his eyes and waited for the end. "I hope the end comes fast and without pain," he said to himself.

But for Sigmond the end never came. She stopped she just couldn’t kill the poor little fly and she didn’t know why. Sigmond didn’t know why. But someone did. And the mystery of mysteries began to unfold. And the God of all creation smiled as all the pieces and players were where he wanted them. It was only after KC’s mom left the room and Sigmond was alone with KC could he move. "Who is that tickling my face?" came a voice.

Now this was very uncommon for Sigmond he’d always heard human voices but he could never understand them. This time it was different Sigmond could understand the words coming from the little boy. Reacting quickly without thinking Sigmond replied, "Me, it’s me Sigmond. And how is it I can understand you?"

"I’m not a voice, I’m a boy, and my name is KC. Being a little boy, I don’t know how you can understand me. What is a Sigmond anyway?"

"I’m Sigmond an uncommon-common housefly and being a fly I don’t understand much either. What’s wrong with you KC, there was just a human woman in here crying?" Sigmond asked. Sigmond didn’t understand what the two bigger humans were saying he only knew that things were not right.

"Oh, that was my mom, she wants me to come home but this place is too nice I don’t feel any pain. I have many friends who don’t make fun of me because I’m small. There are no worries here, my mom and dad were always worrying about not having enough money, and you don’t even need money here. There is no sadness here. I here my mom crying because my dad is dead and I don’t want to go back without him. Then I will be sad and I don’t like being sad."

"But," Sigmond, interrupted the little boy, "Your mom is sad without you and I’ll bet it would make her happy if she had you."

"Maybe she would, but I don’t think so. She had my dad long before she had me so she must miss him more than me. She’s sad all right that I’m gone but her sadness and loneliness will not go away if I go home. Besides I like it here, no one picks on me because I am small. This place is so beautiful Sigmond I just can’t describe it to you. I’ve even talked with Jesus," KC’s voice was filled with peace.

"I don’t know any Jesus, and probably wouldn’t want to because he’d just swat at me and either kill me or chase me away. You’re the first human person that has not tried to kill me, are you my friend KC?" Sigmond asked.

"Yes, Sigmond I’ll be your friend and don’t worry I’m not going to kill you, in fact I can’t even see you. Jesus will be your friend in fact he created you so you don’t have to worry about him killing you either. We love you Sigmond even if you are only a housefly."

"It sounds like a very nice place to be. I don’t know a lot about humans but I do know that your mom misses you and wants you home. This place here seems like a nice place too. Remember I’m only a housefly and I have never had anyone miss me in fact everyone thinks all I’m a pest, even other flies don’t like me. All I ever wanted was a friend, someone who would always be there for me, someone that makes me feel like I’m special. I think that’s what your mom wants you for and that’s why your mom misses you so much. When your dad died she lost her best adult friend, but you’re her friend too. And now she’s losing you, it’s just too much for her," Sigmond said, sounding very uncommon for a housefly.

"But she has other friends, I’ve heard them. No I don’t want to come home because I am home. So long for now Sigmond I’ll talk with you later," and the voice fell silent leaving Sigmond alone with his tiny thoughts. He stayed there for the longest time he’d at last found someone who didn’t want to kill him at last he found a friend. He just didn’t want to leave, he didn’t want to take a chance that something would happen, and KC would no longer be his friend.

Suddenly the door swung open, the light flashed on, instinctively Sigmond made ready to fly to safety, and everything worked except he still couldn’t go anywhere. Buzz, buzz, buzz, went his tiny wings but that’s all that happened. Oh, no he thought as he closed all his eyes and waited again for the end.

As Mary entered the room and noticed that Sigmond was still there. Thinking that this time she would eliminate the pest she made ready to swat him. It was then that she noticed that Sigmond was trying to fly away. Then again, from somewhere deep inside she just couldn’t do it, she couldn’t end a life even that of a housefly. Gently, she reached out and with one finger as if to free him. Sigmond thinking the worse prepared himself for the end, maybe I’ll get to meet this Jesus that KC was talking about he thought. Opening his eyes just for an instant, he saw a big object coming for him but it wasn’t coming fast like other times in fact it was moving slowly. Sigmond again tried his wings but the results were the same. Closer and closer the object came then suddenly Sigmond felt something touch him and then he could move. This time his tiny wings buzzed and off he flew. But he didn’t go far he landed so he could see what was going on.

Mary watched as Sigmond flew away, "I wish I could free KC as easy as I did you," she said. Then she turned to KC and took his hand in hers, it felt warm, warmer than it had in a long time. "I love you KC, please come home my life is so empty without you. I don’t know what terrible deed I have done to make you suffer like this. Please God, take my life let my son live. Breathe into him life. He’s so young and his entire life is before him. I didn’t have him long enough and you will have him for all eternity please give him back to me. Please God its Christmas Eve, please give him back to me, she pleaded."

As Sigmond watched, again something very strange happened this time he could understand what she was saying as well, he couldn’t hear her voice like he did with KC but he knew what she was saying. Sigmond couldn’t figure out what was going on, he was talking with KC why couldn’t KC’s mom do the same. "I’ve got to do something, somehow I have to make KC understand that his mom needs him," he said out loud.

"That you Sigmond?” KC called out.

"KC, your back, you didn’t leave after all. Did you just hear what your mom said?" the fly asked.

"No I didn’t I was looking for my dad and my spirit had left my body for awhile. I got some news Sigmond I can’t go where my dad is right now. At first I thought it would really bother me but it don’t. I feel bad because I can’t be with him, but I’m not sad. It sure is nice here Sigmond everyone just loves me so much," KC was trying to sound strong.

"You can’t go where your dad is now KC? It seems to me that if everything was as nice as you say it is there wouldn’t be any problem in seeing him," Sigmond commented

"Being a little boy I don’t really understand it all but they said because my body was still alive and I couldn’t go any further. They say there is a part of me that wants to be where my mom is. What do I do Sigmond does my mom really want me?” KC asked.

Sigmond was silent for a moment trying to think of the right thing to say. Then he looked in KC’s mom direction, and then looked back in KC’s direction. What do I do, what do I say I’m only a fly? I don’t know what it’s like to have a family. I don’t know what it’s like to miss someone.

"Someone please help me say the right thing," he said out loud.

Then he remembered how he felt when he thought he might lose KC as a friend. Suddenly he felt terribly alone, he felt a cold wind blow across his tiny body, and then he was in complete darkness. But the darkness was different, it was as if he could feel it and there were no sounds, there was nothing only Sigmond and his terrifying aloneness. He could feel his heart beating, he blinked his eyes they still worked, he was thinking so his tiny brain still worked, his legs still worked, his wings still worked so he wasn’t dead. But seemed as if he wasn’t alive either he was just existing. “Is this what it’s like to be totally alone to have no one, to be alive yet have your world gone?” he questioned himself.

Slowly the room began returning then a tall figure began to appear, he couldn’t make out what or who it was. Slowly, ever so slowly the room came into focus. Finally, Sigmond recognized the figure was KC’s mom. Then somehow he began to understand somehow he was experiencing the life of KC’s mom. Her world was a dark lonely place. "I’ve got to make KC understand," Sigmond said out loud again.

"Make me understand what," KC voice sounded.

Then suddenly in an unseen world God simply smiled as Sigmond began speaking, "KC a little while ago I was faced with the possibility of losing the only friend I had in the world, you. All my short life I have searched for someone so I could call my friend, my life will never be the same now that I’ve found you. That’s how your mom feels about you. It doesn’t matter if other people don’t like you. It doesn’t matter if other kids make fun of you or pick on you or anything else that makes you feel not loved because you are loved. I don’t know why you can’t feel your mother’s love I wish you could maybe then you’d want to come home."

Sigmond paused just for a moment then continued, "You described the place where you are as nice, the sun shines, there is no pain, there is only life, no sorrow, no loneliness, and everyone loves you. Countless times in my short life in my search of a friend I have come into harms way this world is not always a nice place, there is pain, there is death, there is evil, and some people are not nice. But when you told me, you’d be my friend I felt the world where you are now becoming my world. Your friendship changed my world. Can you understand all this KC?"

"I think I do, but remember I’m only a little boy, I don’t want to leave this place I feel so safe here. I have felt the love of Jesus here it’s just so beautiful I don’t want to leave."

Suddenly Sigmond was able to recall and understand the conversation between KC’s mom and her pastor. "I don’t know this Jesus who you mentioned before but I remember hearing the human man that was here telling your mom that Jesus loved her and his Spirit was looking out for her, that it would never leave her. KC I want you to know for an instant I experienced the world your mother lives in without you. It was cold and dark, there was no life only an empty lonely body with a beating heart just existing. It was a frightening world where no one should live. She needs you KC, her world needs you," Sigmond was getting exhausted.

The room became so quiet that the only sounds were those of KC and his mother breathing. Sigmond looked at Mary she too looked exhausted; it had been nearly a year since the accident but the seemed to age her by years and years. She breathed deeply turned switched off the light and left the room leaving Sigmond and KC alone. Sigmond turned his attention to KC and noticed that he was sleeping.

Sigmond decided to follow Mary after all it had been quite awhile since he had eaten and it had been an exhausting day. He watched as Mary sat down in the living room, she was crying. Then flying to the kitchen he began looking for some crumbs to eat. A short while later he heard a knock at the door and flew to see what was going on. It was the human man that was here earlier but this time there were more people with him. "You don’t have a Christmas tree Mary we’re here to put one up for you," he said.

"But I don’t want one," Mary answered wiping the tears from her eyes. "Christmas is just another bad memory for me; I just want it to be over."

"Please Mary it’s Christmas Eve these are your friends and they are taking time out from their families to help you. They feel your pain and they feel your loneliness. Please let us share a little brightness with you during this dark time," the Pastor replied.

"Oh, Bill please forgive me for being so selfish. I am so sorry. Please come in. But I don’t have a tree," Mary was sounding more cheerful.

"Don’t worry," someone called out, "We not only brought one with us we also brought some of Susan’s famous Santa Claus cookies too!"

Sigmond watched from the top of a lamp as the dark and dismal room came alive with the spirit of Christmas. The small group sang Christmas songs, ate cookies, put up, and decorated the tree. The tree was beautiful and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Christmas hadn’t come to 2470 Walnut St. Even Mary was beginning to get in the Christmas spirit. Then she remembered the special decoration that KC always put on their tree. "I have a favorite decoration that KC made for is dad about 4 years ago would it be okay if I put it on tree?" she asked.

"We’d be honored if you would Mary. Get it and we’ll put it right in front for all to see," someone said.

Mary knew right where she kept it. A few seconds later she returned with a round circle cut from construction paper with the words, "John 11:25-26, Merry Christmas dad" printed on it. It wasn’t really much to look at but she carried it with great pride. "That was Bob’s favorite scripture," she said with tears forming in her eyes.

They sang a few more songs and ending with Silent Night, the Christmas visitors prepared to leave. "May we all bow our heads in prayer before we leave?" the pastor asked.

Each bowed their head as the minister began, "Our Lord and God in a world filled with sadness and pain the lights of Christmas remind us that there is hope. They remind us there can be peace if only we let you be our light. It is our prayer that we have brought to this house a small particle of hope, and a small particle of peace. At this time of year when the miracle of life is celebrated in the birth of your Son, we pray for a miracle on this home. And as we leave, we leave our faith, our love, and a part of us here. Thank you Lord in Jesus name Amen."

Good nights and Merry Christmas’ were exchanged as each person left. As he was going out the door, Bill said prophetically, "Mary why don’t you look up that favorite scripture of Bob’s and see what it says."

After everyone had left, Mary sat in the quietness and looked at the tree. Memories of past Christmas’ flooded back. How many times had money been short year yet each Christmas was better than the year before. Suddenly she felt very alone and very sad tears began running down her cheeks again. Remembering what Bill had said about the scripture she reached for her Bible. Carefully flipping through it, she found John chapter 11 moving her finger down the page she stopped at verse 25 and began reading, "Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and who ever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" But it wasn’t her voice that Mary heard somehow it was her husband voice.

"Bob," she called out, "Where are you?" She began frantically searching the room. "Are you here?" But she was alone in the room except for Sigmond who had heard the same thing.

"What’s going on!" she screamed. "Am I losing my mind? God please help me." Suddenly from beyond known edges of time, the words struck with such force that Mary had to sit down. "He who believes in me will live, even though he dies."

"KC," she screamed getting to her feet she ran to his room as fast as she could. But Sigmond was there already and was landing on KC’s ear just as she entered the room. He wondered what was going on inside the little boy right now. "KC," he called out.

There was no response, "KC are you still here?" Again, there was no response. Sigmond’s tiny heart began to ache. "Please come home KC, please."

Then a small narrow bolt of light came through the ceiling and enveloped Sigmond and seemed to hold him captive. The scene brought Mary to an abrupt halt and held her breathless for what seemed like eternity.

Meanwhile from somewhere, deep inside him Sigmond began to feel something warm, something that he couldn’t describe, and something he had never felt before. The warmer the feeling became, the more at ease he became. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light and Sigmond’s tiny heart felt like it was getting bigger and bigger, that it would soon explode. Then from out of the light tiny Sigmond felt and heard a voice saying to him, "Don’t worry my friendly little creature leave the future to me. Can you do that Sigmond, do you believe in me?" Then as quickly the light appeared it disappeared leaving Sigmond and Mary in the dark.

Sigmond was then released and stood motionless in awe of what had just taken place. But he did not wonder long about what had happened he knew in his heart who it was that had just spoken to him and had given him a strange power. "Jesus yes I believe in you," an uncommon housefly named Sigmond said.

"Then my little friend," the voice returned, "It’s time for KC to come home. Tell him and it is time to come home and it will be done as you believe."

The first sounds in the room Mary heard came from what seemed like the little fly, but flies can’t talk and flies can’t know Jesus she thought. Then in bright lights written across the ceiling were the words, "Do you believe that all things are possible for God?"

Looking at the words glancing then looking at Sigmond then back at the words. "Yes Lord I believe that all things are possible for you," she replied with a confidence that surprised her. With her testimony of faith, the words disappeared. She then turned her attention to the little uncommon-common housefly and waited to see what would happen next.

Sigmond disappeared in KC’s ear.

"KC, it’s time to come home," he whispered. Then instantly the room was filled with tiny points of light. The lights were soft and easy on the eyes; they looked life tiny white lights on a Christmas tree dancing all around the room. Then all sound stopped. Christmas songs from carolers that once filtered through the windows were silenced. Never before had Sigmond or Mary experienced such deep penetrating silence. Then each light burst forth in song singing, "Silent night, Holy night, Life’s restored, By the Light, Peace has come into this house, God resides in heaven above, Praise the Father, and Son, Praise the Father and Son."

When KC heard the words it’s time to come home, he knew that he wanted to go home he missed his mom. "Jesus, I’m afraid, it’s so peaceful here I don’t want to go back where there is pain and suffering."

"KC, my Spirit spans all eternity, it spans all time there will never ever be a time when it will not be with you. There is pain and suffering in the world and at times there seems to be no peace either, but where my Spirit resides peace can be found. This peace will be the power that will support you during times of pain and suffering. That is my gift to you. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find," then the voice went silent.

"I’m going home Jesus, I’m not going to say goodbye though," KC replied.

Then KC found himself in a tunnel. At one end he could see the lights of heaven, peaceful and bright at the other end he could see the tiny points of light and he could hear, "Silent night, Holy night, Life’s restored, By the Light, Peace has come into this house, God resides in heaven above, Praise the Father and Son, Praise the Father and Son."

Suddenly he began walking from the gates of Heaven. Turning around for one last look, he saw the Gate Keeper waving and smiling.

As he walked along the walls of the tunnel disappeared and were replaced by pictures, each step brought a new picture. Each picture contained a scene from his past; each was time in his life that was peaceful and joyful. He recognized his very first Christmas; tears began filling his eyes as he felt the spirit of love that filled their lives. Time after time, scene after scene flashed across the walls of the tunnel. Each scene was different, yet each scene gave him encouragement. As he passed each picture, he picked up the pace a little faster. With each step, his room became larger and larger. He saw the pictures of his dad; he saw the toys in the room just as he had left them. Then he saw his mom, tears in her eyes. He could feel the anticipation she was feeling. He saw the little fly on his ear then he felt a little tickle, raised his hand, and began to swing.

Sigmond felt a strange sense to move quickly, then in one of his eyes he saw KC raise his hand and buzz, buzz he flew just in time to hear the slap. He turned around just in time to see KC sit up in bed.

"I didn’t hurt you did I little fly?" were the first words out of his mouth. To reassure KC Sigmond flew from his vantage point around his head a few times, and returned to his perch. It looked as if the flight were a few victory passes.

"Oh, my God, it’s a miracle," KC’s mom shouted, "It’s a miracle!"

The room fell silent as she leaped for her son and for the first time in what seemed like forever she was hugged by her son. As the two embraced, Sigmond once again flew a few victory passes. Then as suddenly, as they appeared the tiny lights disappeared.

And a little uncommon-common housefly named Sigmond watched as each person experienced life renewed. And in his tiny little heart, he felt the words, "Well done my little friend, well done." And Sigmond smiled and went in search of something to eat.

A Christmas Grace and PEACE


copyright 2011

About Crusty the Christian

I am a Christian writer. I write Devotionals and I write Christian fictional stories of Jesus Christ. My books can be found on www.lulu.com/gpiper.
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