The Little Writer that Did!

Written by Gary Piper

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The Little Train that Could

I am not sure at what age I was when the story of the Little Train that Could became a part of my life and eventually a bigger part of my writing career but it has. And over the years it has been source not only of inspiration but also a letter-by-letter, word-by-word, sentence-by-sentence, paragraph-by-paragraph, page-by-page, never-give-up motivational slap in the back of the head keep writing message.

I keep trying to remember exactly when my desire/dream of being a writer became a reality but there are times when I think I was born with the “Writing Worm” waiting for the day when it would become a Butterfly and take me on a wonderful never ending journey to places, doing things, and become what I could become only in my dreams. One day at work I was sharing my dream of being a writer to my co-worker then suddenly she said, “But Gary, you are a writer the only question that should concern you is what type a writer are you going to be.” And suddenly deep inside I could feel a cocoon bursting open and up, up, and away I flew enjoying a dream come true.

It would be great if I could end my story on that note but no such luck because what or who goes up invariably will come down and beginning with my retirement in 2009 my “Butterfly Writing Career” began a series of lengthy nose dives known un-affectionately as writers block. Had it just a couple of episodes of writers block I probably would have been okay but somewhere around the middle of 2012 I began to see myself as an ex-writer.

My greatest asset as a writer has been my imagination. Prior to my retirement in 2009 the doorway to my imagination was wide open however, it was almost as if when I drove home the day I retired someone or something slammed the door to my imagination locked it and threw away the key. Since then I haven’t written anything new requiring the use of my imagination. And now I find myself living in a self fulfilling prophecy. I believe the very thought of failing as a writer (or anything for that matter) will eventually create a failed writer. And right now as these words appear on my computer screen that is what I am – a failed writer filled with more doubts than a novel.

I one thing I have going for me as a failed writer is I am still a writer. I am the same person today as I was on the morning of April 17, 2009 when I reported to work for the last time. While my imagination may be locked it is still there and it still work I know this because there are times when the door opens for short periods of time.

I don’t know why there are times when the flight from success to failure goes unnoticed. There have been many times when I sat at my computer looking at a blank MSWord screen wondering what happened. That is especially true when I am going through previous writings for current uses. On the other hand I don’t know why the flight from failure to success not only is noticed but also very difficult to get off the ground. In addition to still being a writer another thing I have going for me is the challenge and anticipation to write. While I believe having an open doorway to the imagination is an absolute must for any writer of equal importance is the challenge and anticipation to write. And even though my imagination remained behind a closed door the challenge and anticipation to write have never been more powerful.

I am a Christian Writer therefore I am a firm believer in the bible. The key for me what will not only unlock the door to my imagination but will also be instrumental in my journey from grounded butterfly to one in flight is found in chapter 17 of the Gospel of Luke. “…If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘May you be uprooted and thrown into the sea,’ and it would obey you!” (Luke 17:6, NLT) The question I face isn’t, “Gary, how will you overcome writers doubt?” The question I MUST answer is, “Gary, do you have enough faith to overcome writers doubt?”

Of course my answer is YES! YES! YES! I have enough faith! Not only do I have the faith to overcome writers doubt but I also have hope. Not hope in its “wishful thinking” mode. But hope in its “once was therefore it will be again” mode, hope in this mode becomes prophetic thus setting the stage for another self fulfilling prophecy. However, having said that I also know I am in for more than just a few battles because failure (doubt) never gives up without a terrible battle. And it is a formable adversary, but so am I.  

My story has been one about writers doubt but it is a story with many scenarios. Speaking not just as a writer but also a Christian you are a miracle of God, a one of a kind never to be repeated miracle, one of your greatest assets is your uniqueness. Allow those attributes along with your hopes, dreams, challenges, and anticipations to empower you, strengthen you to become the Overcomer you’re destined to be.


Believe it! Experience it!

Grace and PEACE!





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